Try Slake Cider on tap at our own Slake House in McMinnville!    

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Slake House is located at:
1036 NE Baker Street
McMinnville, OR 97128

(971) 261-2279




What is a growler?

A growler is a 64oz reusable container (often glass) into which draft beer or cider is poured for home consumption.

How do I care for the growler?

If you clean it as soon as it is emptied, just a hot water rinse will do the trick.  A soap & water rinse will work if it sat around for a night.  Just make sure you rinse it well to remove all of the soap, as even a minimal amount of soap residue will affect the beer.

What if I bring in a dirty growler for a refill?

If it is VERY dirty, we will not fill them.  If it just needs a quick rinse we are more than happy to do that for you.  We also have growlers available for purchase.

How long can I keep reusing the growler?

As long as you don’t break it.

How long does the beer last in the growler?

Unopened, 7-10 days. Once opened, 2-3 days is the max.

How often do the tap selections change?

We change what’s on tap as soon as we empty a keg.  The more you drink…the more the selection changes!

Do you offer gift cards or loyalty/punch cards?

Yes, we offer both.  Come on in and we can tell you more about our loyalty program or you can pick up a reloadable gift card.

Will you serve food?

No, we don’t have a kitchen BUT outside food is OK.  You are more than welcome to bring something or have a meal delivered to you. We have a list of local eateries who will deliver, and menus available for you to look over while you enjoy a pint!